50 years of baby skin expertise.

For 50 years, our laboratories have been formulating natural, gentle and safe products to protect babies’ delicate skin.

Present in maternity wards, we accompany the beginnings of life with our ranges of hygiene & care products that you can choose with confidence to respect and protect your babies’ skin.

And life begins well…

50 years of Biolane moments

1972-2022: Biolane has been alongside babies from their first instants of life for 50 years. 50 years’ existence, and millions of births and generations of parents who put their trust in us, and babies who in turn became parents themselves…

50 years’ existence, and 50 Biolane moments we have shared with you!

Biolane moments are all those daily moments, from birth, or whatever your baby’s requirements, Biolane is there at bath time, during the cleansing routine, diaper change and care.

Biolane moments, are moments of trust, when parents can focus on the essential, their baby’s development, at a key time of their life.

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Dry to atopic-prone skin

Dry skin? Rough? Red patches? Itchy? General discomfort? 

Your child probably has dry skin with an atopic tendency.

This skin condition is a dysfunction of the skin barrier that leads to dry skin and inflammation. Less well protected, the skin is more reactive to its environment and reacts accordingly.

At Biolane we care about every baby’s needs that’s why we created a specific range of products to help repair and protect their sensitive skin. 

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